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Our Vision
  1. To become versatile, by providing quality manpower services, & improvising stability to foster organizational growth & enthusiasm for excellence.

Evaluation Process
  1. Understand business requirements closely- We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in the business.

  2. Preliminary screening of candidates-We interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients.

  3. Business involvement with selective suitable candidate-The process is handled by people with immense knowledge & experience in the field, enabling us to tackle your requisition promptly.

  4. Close follow up-Our recruiters stay actively involved through the client interview and follow-up.

  5. Mission accomplished – Best man on board-Our strategic selection process supports effective human resources management for the acquisition and retention of top talent for any organization.

Industry Focus

Our executive search firm is a generalist firm, which means that our searches are not limited to any one specific industry or employment function. We offer the industries – candidates that have high level of expertise, experience and a deep understanding of the industry. We do, however, specialize in recruiting all level professionals from the following areas:  Telecom/ISP

• Banking / Insurance
• Iron & Steel
• Service & hospitality
• Infrastructure & Construction

Why Us ?

When a critical staffing void threatens to interfere with your organization’s business goals, you need the assistance of a top-notch executive search firm to deliver the most talented candidate for the position. This is where Maitre can be an effective partner, and your executive search firm of choice.

Our Philosophy

A fast-growing consultancy committed to deliver Quality Manpower Resources. At MAITRE, our philosophy is based on

  • Understanding and exceeding our client's requirement.

  • Developing, expanding and maintaining a long term relationship.

  • Exhibiting integrity and fairness in all our business dealings.

  • Delivering Ethical Business Code of Conduct.

  • Striving continuously for higher standards.